Dominant Real Madrid defeats United and celebrates the Super Bowl

Real Madrid controlled today's game for much of its part, and for its activity, more football was rewarded. United had responded to the end of the game and had to catch up with Casemir and Isc. Romel Lukaku just reduced.

On the lawn in Skopje ran two great teams whose club colors are associated with the greatest achievements. Both eleven were starved, although the most blushing - Cristiano Ronaldo - was missing. But without him, Real Madrid's offensive force was worried because they represented Bale, Isco and Benzema. Navas was back in the gate and had to clean Carvajal, Ramos, Varane and Marcelo.

Manchester United wanted to overcome Spanish domination and move into the new season in the best possible way. In his series, we found several novices, including Lindelöf, Matić and Lukaku. Besides, Darmian, Lingard, Herrera and, of course, Pogba also looked into the match from the first minute.

Although we were able to hear the view that it was just a preliminary match, we could clearly see the opposite from both sets and the chosen pace. Especially the English giant, thanks to the bestial power of the trio Pogba - Matić - Lukaku attacked predator and the pungent center of Mchitarjana destroyed the returning Casemiro. Opponent of the Spanish team, which is perfectly aligned, his opponent was a bit of a question mark.

The white ballet knew exactly what he was doing. The scoreboard now read 1 - 2. The second official shows that a free kick by Casemira was successful on the scoreboard. And it was just Real, who, with the passing of time, bounced his attacks and gripped his opponent. Isaac's first pass did away with the Red Devils defenses, but Carvajal's passport on Casemir was no longer. Maybe she was relying on a clear offend, but it did not. Instead, Casemiro ran for defense and in the fall sent the ball to the far stick!

Already at this stage of the game, there was a clear difference between the newly assembled United League and the perfectly matched team from Madrid. United was a bit tired of the front and the back line was not convincing. When the midfielder Toni Kroos once mistaken in the game, in this case the unhealthy Lukakua selfishness prevented the evolving action in the finish.

Subsequent Modric's penetration seemed like a lost opportunity, but after his fall, the balloon came to the feet of Frenchman Benzema. He did not expect anything, and he shot the goalie de Geu straight through the field. But it was all the first half, which, in particular, from United was far behind expectations. In Manchester's dressing room, it probably was not very pleasant, because the show game on Real was not enough.