We often, and quite rightly criticizing Russia's terrible refereeing

We often, and quite rightly criticizing Russia's terrible refereeing, but what happened in the 13th minute of the match "Chelsea" - "Arsenal" will not go into any framework football adequate legislation. Look, if for some reason missed a hell of an episode. 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg

Marcos Alonso scoring chances jump rigidly moved bellerin elbow to the head during the flight Hector lost consciousness and fell flat on the lawn. This 1: 0.

Where all looked Brigade Martin Atkinson? A sudden bout of blindness is not an excuse, eye disease automatically turns the arbitrators in the immediate accomplices effective crime. Unseeing judge - the mountain in a sports family. We must deal with these rascals retroactively.

Triple blow for the "Gunners" - not three missed goals from the blue, as you might think. We are talking about serious human rights violations in the moment with the creation of the first ball, for whom Wenger's team suffered three times, fell behind in the score, indefinitely deprived of basic DEF (concussion - a fortune-teller did not go), and forced to spent the replacement.

The second goal of "Chelsea" made solely through the personal skill of Azar. 53 minutes into the game, "the Arsenal" the defense has not coped with the low-slung and steel ass brilliant Belgian footballer.

Eden car started from the center circle, the path of "bumper" blew Coquelin and later dribbling seasick and left in a ditch stupid Laurent Koselni, shkodran mustafi and Petr Cech.

By the former goalkeeper, "Chelsea" and the current keeper of "Arsenal" have a question about the third missed goal: why Petr Cech, having thrown off the ball to Fabregas on the enemy foot, hesitated near tusuyuschegosya offside Costa? I wanted to shut it down from the pass of Cesc? After lyapa Cech cost immediately run into the frame, and not rock the boat in panic away from the gate. Yes, a mistake, but in the end he did not leave himself even meager chance for salvation. 85-I, 3: 0. Toy something done.

Giroux lone goal at the end of the match will not decide anything. "Arsenal" is not surprised - was weaker opponent in many components of the game, and the popular forecast still come true: the hosts won sworn neighbors with a difference of two goals. There was a feeling that 24 September at the "Emirates' team of Antonio Conte's three goals punishing a completely different team. Since then, the "Chelsea" Space statistics in the Premier League: 18 matches, 16 wins, one draw and a single defeat.

Rights of the fans "Gunners", which brought on the "Stamford Bridge" banner "Enough is enough» inscription. Enough. Enough tolerating this. Disqualified Arsene Wenger was far from the field, from the rostrum of Communications prompting colleagues. Unfortunately or fortunately, but in the near future, the veteran coach just needs to move away from the birthmark "Arsenal" even further. And do not call as Alla Pugacheva sang: "Do not kiss memories. Well, why the words that do not exist? "

"Chelsea" played better "Arsenal", and the worst for neutral fans and viewers is that the Premier League champions intrigue too early emits the last squeak.