Egor Gavrikov advises Kerzhakov

Egor Gavrikov advises Kerzhakov, who does not want his club, follow the example of Lampard, Alonso Lama.

Let's face it, we have always loved Kerzhakov. Stronger sympathize possibly only Tikhonov yes Semak. Alexander was not always the same as all the other players. At an early age began to shine in his club, he went to play in Europe, never to get involved in major scandals, could laugh at himself. Real professional. But every player's career ends sooner or later, and the finale is very important. 1486199354_miranchuk_1.jpg In the article I wrote about Leonid Slutsky, that the ability to leave - very rare in the Russian football industry skill. Do not know how to say goodbye or managers of clubs or players themselves. But Alexander Kerzhakov did not like everything, so there is a chance that will tear template.

KerzhakOFF. Why is the best scorer of the country it is time uhoditFoto: The official website of "Zenith" Kerzhakov Instagram

Alexander - the most positive character in our football. He always showed that he wanted to play football more than any other. Look at the glowing eyes Kerzhakov coming at the World Championships in Korea, and look at him in recent matches. He's also willing to go into each junction, hit on any ball and do everything for the benefit of the team. Kerzhakov ready to go for half a year to play in Switzerland and there laid out in full in order to prove to the coach that it did not believe that he was wrong, and hope for the opportunity to go to Euro 2016 in the national team to the last.

Alexander is active in social networks, friendly to reporters, the factory and the joker. You can call for any TV show, any show, and it will not be shy to stand on the sidelines, talking generalities. Sing chants from the fans, to take part in a charity concert, to joke about his same mistakes - it never was easy for him.

Speaking of blunders. After a very difficult psychologically 2012 European Championship, he behaved very decently. He did not send journalists far away (although he could), and ironic fun of himself, showing an example of the Russian players, and all of us. And in all that swamp called "Russia 2012 team" Kerzhakov remained an island of adequacy.