But time flies, new coaches look at today's game

But time flies, new coaches look at today's game characteristics and not on the regalia. And if Villas-Boas just kicked out of the club Kerzhakov, Lucescu then asked him to stay, politely hinted that an important role in the field, he will not. When a team has a driven Dzyuba, young Djordjevic and Kokorin also capable of playing center forward, then why do we need them inferior in many aspects of the game Kerzhakov. And I think that Sasha is already taken.

Well, what then to do? You can go to the Premier League club less status as a made, for example, Pavlyuchenko. Go Kerzhakov any Russian club will attract people into the stands. But would not it be a step backwards? After all, we understand that the career of Alexander over the next three years to complete and it would be desirable on the rise, and in his native club. 1486199406_miranchuk_2.jpg In general, very little is known Russian football after his retirement continued to be in sight and carry out their work efficiently. Many were trained, and while the former players of the top coaches we have. Maybe it is connected with the meager tactical base that is laid into them from an early age. Alenichev, Khokhlov, Kolyvanov so nothing proved in this field, as well as the coach Karpin work very hard to evaluate.

And the more Aleksandr Kerzhakov - it is not just a player, but a brand: it is popular, sells T-shirts, which puts on every match the entire fan-turn, has a large audience in social networks, is friends with many famous personalities. Therefore it is very strange to such media by Russian standards, the person to go to a boring career as coaching. Of course, it can be annealed at press conferences, but in order to train, must be a real gift, and as practice shows, the center-forward they have almost the least. But the cost of failure of ex-football manager is very high, and some bad experience can shatter the previous glory of the player.

So this whole fame can be directed to the popularization of our favorite games. Open field, to build the academy and cots, come to the regions and to organize big football events, master classes, attracting all this attention to his person. I'm sure that for such a good cause, and join other well-known players, and good PR, and wealthy investors, and the RFU, and "Zenith", and who wants to be part of anything. This, of course, all a fantasy, but if happens, will be a real revolution in all our football.

The perfect example of a class after the completion of a career is the work of Pavel Nedved. It is in the structure of "Juventus", occupying a position in the Board of Directors and participates in various activities under the auspices of the club and there in the stands for the joy of the fans. If Kerzhakov offers a similar roll